No Deposit Slots Offers Last Verified:

April 26, 2015



From the team behind the popular free poker money site comes a new site for a new game: Slots! We scour the internet for the top free slots offers online, and focus on those offers that don't require you to make a deposit. You get to play some one-armed bandits with no risk - but you do get the chance at winning real money by playing for free, no deposit required.

Why do online casinos offer the chance to play free slots for real money prizes? The same reason they take out ads in magazines or spend money adding new slot machines - online slots are a very competitive market, and the casinos aren't afraid to let players have a few spins on their free no deposit slots because they know that plenty of players who start with online slots free spins often end up deciding to play a bit more with their own money once they get comfortable with the casino software.

"How can I play real money slots for free?" "Where can I get free slots spins?"

If we had to pick the two most frequently asked questions about free slots no deposit offers, those would definitely be in the running. The truth is, there's no shortage of online casinos offering free slots bonuses - in fact, it's one of the most popular promotions these days.

The trick is finding the quality offers, because not all free online slots offers are created equal. We've culled a short list of prime offers from the hundreds of available free online casino slots, including reputable names such as 888's free slots, Sky Vegas no deposit slots, free spins from Platinum Play and Joyland Casino's free slots bonus.

Can you explain the difference between free slots money and free play bonuses?

Those are the two primary types of free slot offers you'll find on ISM, and the difference is pretty simple. Free slots money is just that - some amount of money (or spins) the casino gives you to play with as you will. You generally have a good amount of time to claim and use your bonus, but the bonus amounts tend to be relatively small.

Free play bonuses are a little trickier, but work like this: The casino gives you a certain amount of cash to play slots, but with a twist - you only get to keep the amount of money you win above the initial bonus amount, and there's generally a strict time limit (usually 24 hours) for you to use the bonus. For both types of offers, you may need to make a deposit in order to withdraw the bonus - a very standard policy designed to mitigate fraud and to keep online free slots offers open to all.

Which online slots free money offers are the best?

That's up to you to decide. Our goal is to get the list of available offers for free online slots machines down to a manageable number and then provide you with the basic information about each. Some free online casino slots will appeal to you more than others, just as some online casinos will fit with your preferences better than others. The great thing about free slots is that you don't have to choose just one offer - you can sample as many different offers as you have time to play.

Which online casinos offer free slots?

Literally dozens. We don't shoot to cover all possible offers, because quite frankly most of them aren't worth mentioning. We stick to listing offers from established online casinos with a track record of fair play and customer service. Here's our current list of no deposit slots, which we updated several times a week as new quality offers emerge.

Can I still play free slots at a casino if I have already signed up for that casino?

Generally speaking, no. If you have made real-money wagers at an online casino - whether it was at slots or at any other game offered - you will not qualify for any offer at that casino. If you have an account but have not made a deposit, you might be able to get the bonus. The great thing about slots free online, however, is that there are so many offers available it doesn't matter if you don't qualify for one. You'll still have plenty of opportunities to sign up for other free slots to play for free.

Is there a time limit on play for free slots offers?

There certainly is. It varies by offer, with free play offers usually only giving you a day. The free slots money offers have longer timeframes, generally right around 30 days. Those are just examples, however, so confirm the terms and conditions with the casino before you sign up - a little bit of reading could save you a big old headache down the line.

Are there no download free slots offers?

Absolutely. No download slots are wildly popular at online casinos, with more and more casinos allowing you to play slots right in your browser. The good news is, you can play no download slots for free and still win real money, from free online penny slots to the largest multi-line progressives the internet has to offer. Check out all of the current free no download slots in our listings.